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Despite how difficult the seven-star Unrivaled Tera Raids can often be in Pok?mon Scarlet and Violet, one of the weakest Pok?mon in the franchise has somehow been able to take the mighty raid bosses down in a single hit.

When you think of weak Pok?mon, it’s likely Magikarp that comes to mind first. The Gen I fish has been around since the very beginning, and it’s primarily known for using the useless move Splash before evolving into the powerful Gyarados. But one Shiny Magikarp is here to prove it’s not as useless as it seems.

Today, one Pok?mon trainer shared an epic clip of Magikarp knocking Unrivaled Rillaboom out with just one attack. Keep in mind, Magikarp’s Attack stat is only 10–the lowest of any Water-type ‘mon in the game.

The clip may have been impressive, but it didn’t tell the whole story leading up to Magikarp’s big moment.

Prior to the one-hit knockout, Magikarp and its allies were busy setting the golden fish up for success, according to the player, who shared their elaborate strategy on Reddit. The game plan included attacking their own teammates with Magikarp’s Flail and using Skill Swap to give Medicham’s Pure Power ability to the fish.

The reason Magikarp had to attack its allies was to build up its Tera charge and accumulate boosts from its held item–the Metronome. After attacking five times with the same attack, Magikarp’s damage output would be doubled by the Metronome. Similarly, Pure Power also doubles Magikarp’s Attack stat.

Magikarp’s move, Flail, is also essential here because its power increases the lower the user’s HP is. Since Magikarp was down to 1 HP, Flail was as strong as it could be: 200 base power.

After combining all of that with additional boosts from Swagger, Helping Hand, an attack cheer, and Defense drops on Rillaboom, Magikarp was able to destroy the Raid boss all in one go. It’s especially impressive considering Rillaboom had its shield up at the time, which reduces all incoming attacks on the raid boss.

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And if you thought this was just a one-time thing for Magikarp, think again. The same player has previously made Magikarp the MVP of many other seven-star Tera Raids including Delphox, Chesnaught, Inteleon, Typhlosion, and more. They’ve begun referring to their golden fish as “Magikarp the Unrivaled,” a fitting title for a Pok?mon that has already slain so many powerful Unrivaled raid bosses.