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Aside from unlocking cards by progressing in the collection level in Marvel Snap, players can now get their desired cards through the Token Shop. But to access it, they should first reach Collection Level 500. This paves the way for players to have a chance to get the cards that they want from Pool Three onwards.

The main currency used in the Token Shop is the Collector’s Tokens. You can get these through the Collector’s Caches or Collector’s Reserves as your Collection Level increases. Each Cache and Reserve gives players a 25 percent chance of getting 100 Tokens. This rate increases as you collect cards from each pool, beginning with Pool Three.

The Token Shop offers one card each from Pools Three, Four, and Five, as well as an Ultimate Variant of a card in any pool that is not yet owned by the player. The cards that you can purchase rotate every eight hours. You can freeze them, allowing you to lock the desired card that you wish to purchase as soon as you are able to save enough Tokens.

Here are the best cards to save up for in Marvel Snap‘s Token Shop.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Ongoing: Your On Reveal abilities at this location happen twice.

Wong does need some setup, but when paired with cards like White Tiger, Blackbolt, Ultron, and Doctor Doom, this card’s effects can become game-changing offensively and through control effects.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Costs one less for each card destroyed this game.

A deck built around Death is one of the most dominant decks in the meta of Marvel Snap at time of writing. The fact that it has 12 Power can turn games upside down in an instant, especially if you manage to destroy cards from both your and your opponent’s side to lower Death’s cost. Cards like Carnage, Killmonger, and Deathlok are the best tools to make Death shine.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Ongoing: Your cards with no abilities have +2 Power.

Patriot offers one of the highest potential power boosts in Marvel Snap, especially if you swarm your locations with vanilla units, as well as with cards that can summon vanilla clones. Pair it with Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel for further boosts for your cards to create a powerful offensive board.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Costs one less for each unspent Energy last turn.

She-Hulk can provide a massive boost offensively when you play it. By skipping turn five (or only using one or two Energy), you can play a 10-power card for a minimal cost. Doing the turn-five skip can be a do-or-die move, but the 10-point advantage She-Hulk can bring could turn the tide of battle. Pairing her with Moon Girl can give you the chance to have two cost zero, 10 power cards on turn six, making it difficult for your opponent to win locations all at once.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Cards in your hand cost one less. (minimum one)

Sera has a plain, general effect that can easily add up, especially if you swarm the field with cards in the late game, whether to dominate through power points or by using control effects to disrupt the opponent’s strategy. It is also a decent five-cost, four-power card that can provide further points to one of your locations.

Doctor Doom

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

On Reveal: Add a five-power DoomBot to each other location.

If your main strategy is swarming the field with units to gain massive power boosts for your locations, then saving up for Doctor Doom could be worth it. This six-cost, five-power card can summon DoomBots to each other location. Using it alongside Patriot, Ka-Zar, or Blue Marvel can easily overwhelm your opponent, especially since it is a guaranteed late-game card.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

On Reveal: Move all enemy cards played this turn to this location.

Aero can completely disrupt your opponent’s setup thanks to its powerful ability.?As a five-cost, eight-power card, it also has a tangible impact on the location by itself.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

On Reveal: Set this card’s power equal to the power of the last card you played.

One of the best cards to use alongside Death or She-Hulk, Taskmaster can be a huge threat to your opponent, disrupting their game plan, especially if you manage to play two power juggernauts at once in the same turn. Just be careful to add another offensive option to your deck since you will rely on another card with a minimal cost to fully maximize Taskmaster’s capability.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

When this is destroyed, return it to your hand with double the power.

The only one-cost card on the list, Deadpool is one of the most consistent cards in Marvel Snap in terms of its effectiveness as an offensive tool. It is a relevant card in the metagame thanks to its limitless potential. Partner it with Death for strong synergy and to become a major threat in a match.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

At the start of the game, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck.

Thanos is one of the most infamous and powerful villains in the Marvel universe. In Marvel Snap, the mad titan is depicted as a six-cost, eight-power card that can potentially become an 18-power card if you manage to pull off the Infinity Stone combo (through the Power Stone). All Infinity Stones provide significant advantages for their user, which are:

  • Mind Stone – On Reveal: Draw two Stones from your deck.
  • Reality Stone – On Reveal: Transform this location into a new one. Draw a card.
  • Time Stone – On Reveal: Draw a card. Next turn, you get +1 Energy.
  • Space Stone – On Reveal: Next turn you can move one card at this location. Draw a card.
  • Soul Stone – On Reveal: Draw a card. Ongoing: Enemy cards here have -1 power.
  • Power Stone – Ongoing: If you’ve played all six stones, Thanos has +10 power (wherever he is).


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

On Reveal: If the last card you played has an Ongoing ability, this card gains it.

Mystique is a useful card in decks that rely on power boosts from Ongoing abilities like Patriot, Ka-Zar, Iron Man, and Onslaught. You basically gain another copy for your target card with an Ongoing ability, creating further flexible options for your offensive onslaught.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

On Reveal: Set all cards at this location to three power.

Valkyrie can disrupt your opponent’s strategy in an instant thanks to its ability. Valkyrie is best used in the late game since it will be hard for your opponent to create another setup with enough power to win locations.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

On Reveal: Create four one-power Drones at each other location.

Another card that can swarm the field quickly, Ultron is a great option for your late game. The one-power Drones can provide a decent boost by themselves, but powering them up with other boosting cards like Patriot, Ka-Zar, and Blue Marvel makes your deck more dangerous, especially against Control decks that rely on the early-game advantage provided by three-cost or lower cards.


Image via Marvel Snap Zone

You can’t play this on turn six. On Reveal: Change this location to “Limbo.”

Magik could be underwhelming at first glance (just three power for five Energy), but since the Limbo location adds a seventh turn to the match, she can pave the way for playing more powerful units in the late game, making it somewhat unpredictable for the opponent offensively.

Mr. Negative

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

On Reveal: Swap the power and cost of all cards in your deck.

A game-changing card for all-in plays, Mr. Negative is a gamble with huge potential upsides if you built a deck around it using expensive cards.