10 Famous Hackers in the World, from Kevin Mitnick to Michael Calce

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Hackers are a threat to cybersecurity. Thanks to his expertise, official websites of governments, organizations, and well-known news agencies can be hacked.
Not only that, the actions of hackers can also have a big impact, to the detriment of many parties. They are also considered the scourge of cyber security.
It is known, there are 10 famous hacker figures in the world because their actions managed to attract the attention of the world, who are they? Summarized from various sources, see the following.
1. Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Mitnick is the most famous hacker in the world whose name is still being discussed today. He has even been looking for FBI fugitives because of his sophisticated and structured actions.
Launching the Mitnick Security page, Kevin Mitnick was born in California, August 6, 1963 and has been interested in the world of technology and computers from a young age.
He spent his youth exploring technology, learning about the latest emerging technologies, while eating pizza with his friends. Mitnick grew up with a very capable knowledge of technology and computers.
In 1983, Mitnick accessed the computer system of a company called Digital Equipment Network and copied the software. As a result, Mitnick was arrested by the authorities and detained for 1 year. After that, Mitnick was sentenced to parole for 3 years.
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Towards the end of his freedom, Mitnick was again desperate to break into Pacific Bell’s computer system. He fled when he was about to be arrested.
Having a lot of trouble with the police force being a bad hacker, Mitnick decides to quit and practice being a good hacker. He often writes books and is a speaker at technology seminars.
2. Elliott Gunton
A young British hacker, Elliott Gunton, steals people’s personal data for cryptocurrency needs. According to the BBC, the 19-year-old was arrested in April 2018 and his computer was confiscated during interrogation.