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Updated May 20, 2024: Added new codes!

I like soccer, so of course, I tried LOCKED. It’s fun to compete against other players in matches and earn Yen for every victory. Of course, my team lost occasionally, but that didn’t ruin the fun. This game also lets you customize your character, which I always appreciate.

I needed cash to customize my avatar, so LOCKED codes came in handy. Instead of just grinding, I could redeem codes to get free rolls and money to buy accessories. After you redeem them all, check out our Basketball Legends codes article to get more goodies and become a basketball legend once you conquer the world of soccer.

All LOCKED codes list

Active LOCKED codes

  • SWORDSCREW–Redeem for 100k Yen (New)
  • FACEREVAMP–Redeem for Yen (New)
  • 10KGROUPMEMBERS–Redeem for Yen
  • WATCHTOWER–Redeem for Yen
  • 50KFAVOURITES–Redeem for Yen
  • 10V10TOURNAMENTBUG–Redeem for Yen
  • 25MILVISITS–Redeem for Yen
  • GGRIPTIDE–Redeem for Yen
  • GODSPEED–Redeem for Yen
  • 25KLIKES–Redeem for Yen
  • FROZENTIMER–Redeem for Yen
  • SECONDCHANCE–Redeem for Yen
  • 70KMEMBERS–Redeem for Yen
  • TOURNAMENT–Redeem for Yen
  • NEWCOMMANDS–Redeem for Yen
  • SLOTS–Redeem for Yen
  • PUPPETEER–Redeem for Yen
  • 20MVISITS–Redeem for Yen
  • DELAYEDUPDATE1.5–Redeem for Yen
  • DAILYQUESTBUG2–Redeem for Yen
  • SLOTMONEY–Redeem for 150k Yen
  • MONSTER–Redeem for Yen
  • 20KLIKES–Redeem for Yen
  • WEAPOBBUGFIX–Redeem for Yen
  • SHUTDOWN6–Redeem for Yen
  • LOCKEDTINE–Redeem for Yen
  • UPDATE1–Redeem for Yen
  • DELAY–Redeem for Yen
  • DELAYNUMBER2–Redeem for Yen
  • VISITS10MIL–Redeem for Yen
  • NOOBIE–Redeem for Yen
  • BALANCE1–Redeem for 30,000 Yen (usable only on new servers)
  • AFKAREA–Redeem for 20,000 Yen
  • QUICKFIXED–Redeem for 15,000 Yen
  • HALFUPDATE–Redeem for 120,000 Yen
  • THANKYOUFOR10KLIKES–Redeem for 80,000 Yen (usable only on new servers)
  • COMMONUNIQUES–Redeem for Yen 
  • DOUBLEMFBUG–Redeem for a free 10,000 Yen reward!
  • FIELDMAP–Redeem for a free 30,000 Yen reward!
  • LIKES5K–Redeem for a free 20,000 Yen reward!
  • HAPPYNEWYEARSAND20KMEMBERS–Redeem for a free 100,000 Yen reward!
  • LOCKEDMAS–Redeem for a free 50,000 Yen reward!

Expired LOCKED codes

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  • VISITS500K

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How to redeem codes in LOCKED

See our guide below to learn how to redeem LOCKED codes:

  1. Open LOCKED in Roblox.
  2. Press M on your keyboard to open the menu.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Type the code into the text box.
  5. Press Enter and grab your gift!

How to get more LOCKED codes

If you’re running out of LOCKED codes to redeem, check out the Locked [Paid Release] Discord server to find more. Keep in mind that you’ll have to scroll through all kinds of messages, which may be time-consuming. Instead, bookmark our article and return to this page occasionally to check for updates as we collect all the working codes for you and put them in one place for easy access. 

Why are my LOCKED codes not working?

You won’t be able to snatch any goodies if you’ve made typos while entering LOCKED codes. Spelling mistakes need to be avoided at all costs. To do this efficiently, copy/paste the code you want to use into the game. Try redeeming the code again and see if you can get the reward now. If you can’t, then the code is most likely inactive. Contact us if you find expired codes on our Working list, and we will revise our article.

Other ways to get free rewards in LOCKED

If you used up all LOCKED codes, you have to perform tasks to earn Yen. These missions can be found in the menu. You can also skim through the Discord server (linked above) to look for giveaways to participate in for rewards.

What is LOCKED?

LOCKED is a sports Roblox game where you play soccer against other players and complete missions to earn Yen. By winning cash, you can buy re-rolls and get different abilities and skills. Keep practicing and do your best to win each match.

Want more codes for your other faves? Take a look at our Untitled Boxing Game codes article or the rest of our Roblox Codes section to find more freebies.