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LeBlanc will receive a major buff in League of Legends Patch 13.5. One of her abilities will have a new mechanic once the upcoming update goes live.

The changes were posted by Riot’s TheTruexy on Twitter on Feb. 25. He reposted a list of LeBlanc’s buffs on the PBE servers, which claimed that her Q will now refund 100 percent mana and 30 percent remaining cooldown if it kills a target. The same goes for her ultimate–if she copies her Q and finishes an enemy with that, it will also have the same effects as above.

On top of this, LeBlanc’s Q sigil will deal 10-146 bonus damage against minions.

This is a major update to LeBlanc’s kit, which should have a bit more sustain and teamfight potential in games. Still, we’ll have to wait and see whether this change brings her back to more regular usage on the Rift or not. “Is it that practical? Go find out,” TheTruexy wrote.

LeBlanc isn’t the only champion receiving buffs in League’s Patch 13.5. A bunch of top laners like Aatrox and Kennen will also be strengthened, alongside Fizz, Jinx, and Samira.

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Still, it’s not surprising that Riot developers are aiming to give LeBlanc such a significant gameplay update. The champion is currently doing poorly, to say the least. In Platinum+ ranks across the world, she has boasted a devastating 46.91 percent win rate, the second-lowest in these rankings, according to League stat site U.GG.

Patch 13.5 for League of Legends is scheduled to go live next Wednesday, March 8.