When does Eternal Strands release?

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The Final Shape‘s Memory quests task players with hunting down Prismatic Chests within the Pale Heart. These post-campaign Destiny 2 quests don’t take long, but their puzzle-like nature can stump players. Memory: Impassive Darkness‘ objective, for instance, surely left us scratching our heads.

Memory quests are straightforward, at least in theory. They will point to a circular area in the map, and getting there will trigger a “Near Objective” buff on the left side of your screen. Follow that indicator until you can find and loot the chest.

In practice, however, some Prismatic Chests can be hidden in well-concealed nooks of the map, which makes them hard to spot. Here’s where you can find the objective for the Memory: Impassive Darkness quest in Destiny 2.

Memory: Impassive Darkness objective location in Destiny 2

The Memory: Impassive Darkness objective is located by the eastern edge of the Impasse. Turn around from the landing zone and go toward the pyramid-like structure close to the Vision of the Traveler in the area. From there, head to the edge of the balcony.

Instead of looking to the other side (or attempting to traverse into the Transgression), hug the railing and turn to the left to find an opening. The Prismatic Chest for that is right below the opening, on a narrow ledge.

Our first clear of Memory: Impassive Darkness got us the Facet of Solitude, while subsequent runs just gave us destination blessings. This fragment creates a severing blast from the target when landing rapid precision hits with a bigger radius while you’re Transcendent. Your results may vary, however.

Facet of Solitude can be a solid way to spread Darkness debuffs to your enemies, and it can combo with Facet of Courage (Light abilities deal increased damage to targets affected by Darkness debuffs) and Facet of Devotion (defeating targets affected by Darkness debuffs grants bonus Light Transcendence energy).