‘We have heard you’: Unity says it will make changes to controversial fee policy

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Updated: September 17, 2023

Looked for new codes!

Tower Defense Simulator is an extremely popular game on Roblox. It’s a game concept that has been around for over a decade, but users have kept coming back to it due to the game’s extremely addictive gameplay. The game is, as the title suggests, about protecting your tower against hordes of enemies. These enemies get stronger and stronger over time, meaning players need to upgrade their tower’s defense more and more.

To do that, players will need access to as many coins and gems as possible. While these currencies can be acquired through gameplay, players can also add them to their inventory via promotional codes. These codes change every month, meaning players need to stay up to date if they want access to every possible code.

Below, you can see all of the active codes that are currently working in Tower Defense Simulator as well as the ones that have expired.

Tower Defense Simulator codes

  • Currently no active codes.

In addition to those current codes, here’s a list of all of the recently expired codes in Tower Defense Simulator.

  • M3RRY2022TDS – Redeem for a Cookie Scout
  • JOHNRETURNS – Redeem for the John Skin
  • beachglad2022
  • MERRY2021
  • robloxisback
  • celebration21
  • 200KMAY 
  • BLOXY21
  • delayed
  • imababy
  • newyear2021
  • 30k
  • 1pumpkin
  • SW33TXP
  • 02MOMENT

To claim one of the active codes in Tower Defense Simulator, open the game and click on the Twitter icon on the main lobby screen. This will trigger a pop-up box to come up that says “Redeem Codes.” Enter an active code in the box, press “redeem,” and you will receive the reward associated with that code.