Trying RNA-Seq or NGS for the first time? Ask us anything during Illumina Sequencing Office Hours on May 16.

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Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) is an amazing tool that can identify variants and expression patterns across thousands of target regions in a single experiment. And if you’re new to NGS, you don’t need to be an expert to get started!

Illumina“If you thought you were going to spend six months doing qPCR, maybe you should just come and do an RNA-Seq experiment. Core labs make the data generation part easy.”

– Kristen Jepsen, UCSD Core Lab

How do I isolate high quality DNA or RNA, even from difficult samples?

What is Library Prep and how do I know whether my prep looks OK?

How much sequencing do I actually need?

I’m not a bioinformatician so how can I go about analyzing my data?


Get your NGS workflow experiments answered by Illumina’s scientists in their “Ask Us Anything” webinar on May 16 at 11 AM PT.  Whether you have never tried NGS before or are learning a new method, get your questions answered!

Register here: Illumina Technical Support Office Hours – New to NGS Edition (