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Corrosion, Root Rot, suppression–there are a number of status effects in Remnant 2 that will make your travels that much more difficult. As you explore the many worlds on offer, you may find yourself afflicted with these ailments that cut into your stats, causing you to take more damage, slow your movement speed, or become unable to use any abilities.

Here are all the status conditions in Remnant 2, their effects, and how to cure them.

All status conditions, effects, and cures in Remnant 2

Status Condition Effect Cure
Bleeding Causes a damage-over-time effect for 20 seconds and cuts healing in half.d Bandages
Burning Causes a damage-over-time effect for 10 seconds. Can be stacked up to three times. Mud Rub
Corroded Decreases armor, which increases damage taken from enemies. Antidote
Overloaded Causes incoming attacks to generate an explosion, increasing damage taken from sources. Ethereal Orb
Root Rot Decreases movement speed. Oilskin Balm
Cursed Reduces total health pool by two blocks for every stack of Curse. Purified Salve
Suppressed Prevents user from activating skills or perks. Timeworn Unguent

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A screenshot from Remnant 2 showing the Cursed status effect, indicated by a long purple bar, that reduced total
The Cursed effect reduced total health pool by two blocks for every stack. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Where to get status effect cures in Remnant 2

Before you set out on your travels, consider buying some medicine from Dr. Norah, Ward 13’s town doctor. She sells a variety of salves and ointments that can cure the many status effects you’ll encounter as you travel the worlds of Yaesha, Losomn, and more.

The player character in Remnant 2 stands in front of a makeshift table. A character, Dr. Norah, crouches behind the table and a dialogue bubble appears above her head. A flag with a medical cross hangs at the top of the screen.
Speak to Dr. Norah to find a collection of status condition cures. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You may also find these items out in different worlds, especially from chests. If there’s a particular status condition you’re struggling with, however, it’s a safe bet to just go ahead and stock up from Ward 13. While there, you may want to consider upgrading weapons, crafting mods, and unlocking different class archetypes.