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The Phantom Liberty expansion in Cyberpunk 2077 introduced a plethora of iconic weapons into the game, but none are easier to get than the Her Majesty pistol.

This pistol is a tier five Power Pistol that has terrific damage and handling, making it a great choice for fighting enemies at close or mid-range. While not as powerful as something like a revolver, I was still able to one-tap lower-level enemies with a well-placed headshot using Her Majesty.

If you want to know how you can add this iconic pistol to your arsenal in Cyberpunk 2077, check out the guide below.

Getting the Her Majesty iconic pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

There is only one time you are able to earn this pistol in Cyberpunk 2077. It comes during the course of the main story in the Phantom Liberty expansion, so you must have purchased the DLC to acquire Her Majesty.

Progress the Phantom Liberty story until you reach the quest called Get It Together. This quest begins under Alex’s bar, in her and Reed’s former FIA facility. Once you get to the bar and go to the facility via the elevator, Alex and Reed will walk you through the plan to infiltrate Kurt Hansen’s party at the Black Sapphire Hotel. The plan involves subterfuge, a diving suit, and clever disguises to ascend the Black Sapphire and crash the party to find Songbird.

Before you actually get to the action, though, Alex will offer a weapon she has been holding onto for a long time. The objective tracker at the top-right of your screen will tell you to “Examine the contents of the box,” which is where Alex’s weapon is stored. This objective appears alongside “Grab the Diving Suit,” so if you don’t have that already, then you haven’t reached the point where you can grab the weapon from the box.

The box containing the Her Majesty pistol
The box containing Her Majesty. Screenshot by Dot Esports

As you might expect, the Her Majesty pistol is the weapon that’s inside the box. All you have to do is open the box, loot the weapon, and Her Majesty will be yours. The pistol is automatically added to your inventory and you can equip it right away.

After grabbing the Diving Suit next to Her Majesty, you can also take a look around the armory and find more high-tier weapons Alex has been saving. You can find a sniper rifle, some assault rifles, and shotguns that will make getting into the Black Sapphire a breeze.