Singleron launches single cell eQTL analysis as part of their sequencing service

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A new bioinformatic pipeline to investigate single cell eQTL analysis is now offered in the sequencing service from Singleron Biotechnologies.

Bioinformatic experts at Singleron Biotechnologies, a leader in single cell sequencing, have developed a new single cell eQTL analysis workflow that takes advantage of single cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq) and whole genome sequencing (WGS) data to predict cell-type specific eQTLs.

eQTL (expression Quantitative Trait Loci) are specific variants regulating expression levels of local or distant genes. eQTL analysis, aims to predict the association between genetic variation and gene expression levels, to elucidate the relationship between gene regulation and phenotypic traits.

This resource is ideal for customers wanting to perform population studies and requires both wet lab and computational support for single cell eQTL analysis and adds a valuable addition in understanding the molecular mechanisms of disease. It will complement the already established single cell multi-omics sequencing service from Singleron, to provide customers requiring an outsourced solution for their single cell sequencing.

Samples are globally accepted to laboratories in Cologne, Germany, and Singapore, where single cell experts with extensive knowledge in both wet lab and data analysis, will support customers to produce a streamlined workflow for their projects.

Source – PR Newswire