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Kai Cenat’s subathon nearly had an unceremonious and premature ending last night just hours into what is supposed to be a month-long broadcast.

Doing an online speed dating segment, Kai’s friend brought a woman named lildedjanet onto the stream. Unbeknownst to Cenat, however, the woman’s Twitch channel of the same name is currently suspended.

Twitch has relatively strict rules about ban evasion, and among the restrictions for ban streamers is the inability to appear on other creators’ channels. According to Twitch’s policies, if a creator knowingly has another banned or suspended creator on their channel, they can, and typically do, get suspended for assisting a ban evasion attempt.

Knowing this, Kai swiftly removed lildedjanet from the stream upon finding out that she might be suspended from the platform. He then went on a comically over-the-top PR rant explaining that he doesn’t support ban evasion.

“I didn’t know, I swear to god,” he said. “Twitch gods, please. I did not know. That’s on her, right? That’s not on me? … I’m panicking, bro. … Chat, I didn’t even know. I was not aware. Let me say something right quick. If you guys don’t know, once you’re banned on Twitch, you’re banned on Twitch. I don’t condone that. On behalf of Twitch, if you’re banned on here please stay off the platform so this can be a safe environment. If you know you’re banned on Twitch, unfortunately, you cannot participate in any that are on Twitch.”

After a long pause while smiling with two thumbs up, Kai covered his mouth before adding a postscript to his speech: “Free DEO.”

DEO refers to BruceDropEmOff, who was recently banned on Twitch following a ban evasion attempt when he streamed on his main account after his alternate account was suspended. The alternate account was disciplined after he went on an aggressive rant against critics that attacked his character following his recent departure from the organization One True King (OTK). Both coming from Georgia, Cenat and Bruce are friends that have been a part of one another’s content in the past.

It’s unclear if Kai’s actions were all just a stunt or if he truly didn’t know that the person coming onto his stream was banned on Twitch. It would be difficult for Twitch to prove, though, that Kai intentionally had a banned streamer on his channel given the way he handled the situation.