Quantabio adds powerful bead booster chemistry to ultra-fast sparQ RNA-Seq HMR kit

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Quantabio, a leading provider of robust DNA and RNA amplification reagents for the most demanding molecular testing and life science research applications, today announced a new optimized Bead Booster chemistry for its sparQ RNA-Seq HMR Kit, an ultra-fast RNA next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation tool with ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and globin mRNA depletion. The kit features new optimizations that enable scientists to generate up to five times higher yields of high-quality stranded transcriptome libraries from human, mouse or rat (HMR) samples in 35% less total time with up to 30% cost savings compared to competitive technologies.

RNA-seq technologies can be challenging due to complicated workflows, read coverage biases, limited transcript diversity and high sample costs. The new Quantabio sparQ RNA-Seq HMR Kit with Bead Booster overcomes many of these issues by allowing scientists to produce sequencer-ready libraries with minimal hands-on time in only 4.5 hours, which is 30-minutes faster than the previous sparQ RNA-Seq HMR Kit workflow and 2.5-hours faster than standard technologies. With the Bead Booster chemistry, magnetic beads bind to the wall of the tube in a localized fashion and resuspend readily during the elution step. This enhances the user experience and simplifies the pipetting steps during the purification process. This automation-friendly optimization was designed to increase yields, improve consistency and minimize loss of material.

“The addition of the new Bead Booster chemistry is another example of our ongoing commitment to improving the overall user experience by accelerating workflows and enabling superior performance,” said Dave Schuster, Head of R&D, Quantabio. “Just like we have done for years with our gene expression tools for RT-qPCR, we will continue to apply our in-house expertise and core competencies to simplify complex NGS methods and make them more reproducible, robust and automation friendly. This includes a new sparQ mRNA-Seq Kit that is coming soon.”

The proprietary enzymes included in the sparQ RNA-Seq HMR Kit generate up to five times the yield of directional transcriptome libraries from 1 ng of high-quality, intact RNA and 10 ng of degraded FFPE RNA up to 1 µg of total HMR RNA input. This sample input versatility makes the kit ideal for a broad range of gene expression and transcriptome analysis cancer research applications, including translational studies, drug discovery, companion drug diagnostic testing, and mouse modeling. The sparQ RNA-Seq HMR Kit is available in 24 and 96-reaction configurations. For more information, please visit https://www.quantabio.com/product/sparq-rna-seq-hmr-kit/.