Only 1 player finished the 2023 LCS Spring Split regular season with a double digit KDA

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During the Diablo 4 beta, players will have to play through quite a long prologue. This involves players reaching a small settlement after surviving a snowstorm, clearing out enemies, being betrayed by the townspeople, and having to survive by drinking the blood of a demon. After all of that is over, though, and players have reached the town of Kyovashad, the prologue is finished, and players can start to truly experience what Diablo 4 has to offer.

One of the major boons that Kyovashad offers is the ability for players to start taking on side quests. These are marked by blue exclamation points on the map, and there are several to accept right from the get-go in Kyovashad. The first side quest that players will likely come across is called “Raising Spirits,” and it’s accepted from a guard named Boza.

Guard Boza wants you to cheer on their militia men so they don’t get too downtrodden. However, the game doesn’t clearly tell you how to do this. So, allow us to illuminate the matter and explain exactly how to cheer on the militia in Raising Spirits in the Diablo 4 beta.

Cheering on the militia for Raising Spirits in Diablo 4

After speaking with Guard Boza, head a few meters north to the training grounds. Here, there will be a few soldiers practicing their attacks and defensive maneuvers.

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Once you’re right in the middle of the soldiers, you need to open your action wheel, which is done by pressing “E” on the keyboard or up on the D-pad on controller. With the action wheel up, you need to hit the Customize button at the bottom of it.

The action wheel being shown. | Screengrab via Dot Esports/Blizzard

Once you’re on the Customize screen, scroll down the list of emotes until you see the one labeled “Cheer.” Click on Cheer and then press “Assign.” You will be prompted to drag it to whatever spot you want it in on the action wheel. After the Cheer emote has been assigned, make sure you save the changes, and then bring the action wheel back up.

Use your cursor to select the Cheer emote, and your character will clap and exclaim some encouraging words. Once your character is done with the emote, head back to Guard Boza, and the Raising Spirits quest will be complete in Diablo 4.