IEM Rio CS:GO Major: Scores, standings, and results

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Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has shared that the first set of Stickers, season 15’s new cosmetic, will not be available in the general loot pool.

The developer shared the information near the start of its blog post on season 15’s patch notes earlier today. The description under the Stickers header reveals, in part, that 20 new epic-rarity stickers will be available as part of Sticker Pack Series 001. This bundle will only be available in the in-game Store between Nov. 1, when the season starts, and Nov. 22. It will “not be available in the general loot pool,” according to Respawn. All players will receive the Shattered and Deathbox stickers for free simply for playing the game during Eclipse.

This clarification comes after immense community backlash toward Stickers. A popular Reddit post about Stickers on the Apex subreddit garnered thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments, many from players who believe the new cosmetic is a “cash grab” and a way to fill loot boxes. It’s not clear whether future Stickers will be available in loot boxes, but at this time, it appears as though most of season 15’s initial stickers will be obtainable in Sticker Pack Series 001. Based on the pack’s name, players can likely expect additional sticker packs to arrive in the future.

Stickers are a new type of cosmetic that can be applied to healing items, including shield cells and batteries, syringes, med kits, and Phoenix kits. All of the stickers shown off so far are part of the epic rarity tier, and many feature cartoon versions of legends and iconography found elsewhere throughout the game.

Apex season 15 begins on Nov. 1.