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Armored Core 6 has no shortage of boss fights, from single enemy ACs to hulking behemoths, and while some battles take time and care to clear, others can be a cakewalk with proper preparation.

G5 Iguazu is a chapter four boss you’ll come across in the Underground Exploration Depth Two mission in AC6. While the boss isn’t particularly challenging, he can still be tricky to beat due to the limited space of the boss room and how fast he moves.

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Defeating G5 Iguazu in AC6, a guide

Preparing for the fight

Before heading to combat, it’s worth getting all your gear in order to fight the boss. Since you’re fighting an AC boss, you can’t just jump with random equipment.

A weapon I found was incredibly effective against G5 Iguazu is the FASAN/60E back plasma cannon, or at least one of any type of plasma cannon weapons equipped on any part of your AC. This is because plasma weapons can be charged and deal heavy stun damage with an area of effect, which is very effective against AC enemies–especially the highly mobile ones.

G5 Iguazu keeping his distance in Armored Core 6
G5 Iguazu Fight. Screenshot by Dot Esports

After equipping at least one plasma cannon, it’d also be best to equip at least one type of missile launcher like the Songbird cannons and any plasma melee weapon of your choice.

G5 Iguazu: The fight itself

Now that you have your gear all set, start the mission and proceed by following the markers and defeating any enemy in your way. You’ll eventually get to an open and empty room and receive the mission prompt to defeat G5 Iguazu upon encountering him.?

The most important thing to know about the boss fight is that he is fast and tactical. He’s also not as aggressive as other AC bosses, as he prefers firing rounds and missiles at you from afar as opposed to getting up close and personal.

To counter this, unload your plasma weapon on him whenever he tries to get farther away. Doing this will stun him and also prevent him from unloading his missile launchers. It will also allow you to use your own missile launchers to stagger him. Follow that up with further fire from your plasma melee weapon to deal even more damage.

As he won’t come to you, it’s important to be aggressive and go to him, especially during the first half of the fight.

G5 Iguazu uses standard machine guns and missile launchers, which are fairly easy to avoid as long as you pay attention. Stay on the offensive and keep firing until his health is about down to a quarter.

Once he reaches this point, he’ll use his assault armor, a short but effective AoE shield that cancels out any projectile and deals some damage in the process. Boost away and keep your distance for the duration of the assault armor’s blasts, then immediately reingage.

G5 Iguazu triggering his assault armor in Armored Core 6
G5 Iguazu triggering his assault armor. Screenshot by Dot Esports

After the shield goes down, feel free to continue your assault with your missiles, and he’ll be down in no time. Once he’s down, Ayre will confirm his defeat, and you’ll receive a Combat Log before continuing the rest of the mission.

Battling G5 Iguazu in Arena

It’s also worth mentioning that the boss can also be fought in the Arena mode. He is no different in Arena, with the battle zone you fight in making the battle unique. Defeating him will grant you three OST Chips, 58,000 COAM, the “HEAD BRINGER” emblem, and his AC data preset.

While not too challenging, G5 Iguazu can deal a heap of damage–but by staying on top of the boss and avoiding his late burst assault armor, he really isn’t too much of a challenge.