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When you talk about one of the, if not the best, choices for the most defensive Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, the Ancient rare Hollyberry Cookie should definitely be your go-to pick.

The Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom play a huge role in the game’s story, since they’re the five Cookies which started it all. But their weight in the story is also as impactful as how they perform as combat Cookies, with Hollyberry Cookie being one of the most reliable picks in choosing your most defensive Cookie.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hollyberry Cookie, including the best toppings guide you can use for her in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Who is Hollyberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Hollyberry Cookie is a Defense-type Cookie best placed in the Front. She’s the main defender of the five Ancient Cookies, and is the founder of Hollyberry Kingdom. In the game’s lore, she’s also the mother of Royal Berry Cookie, Jungleberry Cookie’s mother-in-law, and the grandmother of Princess Cookie and Tiger Lily Cookie.

Hollyberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
The game’s best defender. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Hollyberry Cookie’s costume and overall aesthetic is covered in shades of red, as well as some pink highlights. She also uses a heart-shaped shield as her main weapon, further establishing her image as a defender.

Hollyberry Cookie ability in Cookie Run Kingdom, explained

Hollyberry Cookie’s ability is known as Oath on the Shield. When she uses this, Hollyberry Cookie charges forward and becomes the whole shield to all of her ally Cookies. She then absorbs some of the damage that her teammates will receive while also reducing the critical damage inflicted by the enemies to her allies and herself when her damage focus is active. Hollyberry Cookie also gains a Seed of Life stack for every critical damage she receives which can give plus five percent of max HP. When she reaches 15 stacks, Hollyberry Cookie then unleashes the Berry of Life that adds two seconds of Stun to her ability.

Best Hollyberry Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

Since Hollyberry Cookie is a Front and Defense-type Cookie, the best toppings you can use for her are five Solid Almond toppings. By doing this, you can increase her damage resistance for five percent per Solid Almond topping. This will allow her to defend her teammates better, while also having the potential to contribute offensively by triggering the Berry of Life as many times as possible.