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Genshin Impact’s loyal community of players is always looking for what comes next in the ever-growing world of Teyvat. Among the many exciting features that are continuously added to the game, the one that always has players most excited is the prospect of new playable characters.

Players are so excited for the future of the RPG that the characters that will be joining Teyvat are generally uncovered by the active Genshin leak community months before they actually release. The latest character that has been circulating is a “catgirl” named Kirara.

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At first, players only had the file name that she was being hidden under, which was Momoka, so many players are still referring to her by this title or by the general term “catgirl” thanks to her feline-themed appearance. The leak community later uncovered that her official name was Kirara.

Kirara’s release is at least a few months away if not longer, but players can begin learning about this upcoming character now to decide whether they want to save their Primogems to recruit her.

All Kirara (Momoka) leaks in Genshin Impact

While most information pertaining to leaked characters will generally stay the same and is highly reliable, all unreleased characters are still being worked on by miHoYo, which could result in changes being made. Because of this, players should remember that all information that they learn about Kirara is not final and could change before she is officially released as a playable character.

In the event that any changes are made or if any new information about Kirara is uncovered, it will be reflected here.

Who is Kirara in Genshin Impact?

Kirara is an upcoming playable character that Travelers will be able to add to their rosters. She has a feline-themed appearance that might also tie in with her unique abilities and overall skillset.

Image via miHoYo

What element is Kirara in Genshin Impact?

The element that Kirara will wield has been quite a debate among the community. At first, she was revealed as a Geo character before then being changed to Dendro, and she then went back and forth a few more times before her element seemed to be solidified as Dendro.

Currently, the final consensus among the Genshin leak community seems to be that she is indeed a Dendro character that was originally meant to be Geo.

What is Kirara’s weapon type in Genshin Impact?

Just like her element, so too has Kirara’s weapon been a commonly changed aspect. She was first believed to wield a bow, but now seems to be a sword character.

Alongside her speculated Dendro Sword skillset, some leaks have also suggested that Kirara might have some special cat-based abilities. This includes granting her team the ability to climb for longer with her passive and some kind of special bombs that have fiery cat-head explosions.

Her Dendro skillset might also include special healing or shielding abilities, but this information has changed quite a lot and nothing seems to be too certain in regards to either shielding or healing just yet.

What rarity is Kirara in Genshin Impact?

While the first Kirara leaks placed her as a five-star character, most of the Genshin community saw her appearance and felt that her design did not match how five-star recruits usually look. They were later proven right, as the individuals who had speculated this uncovered that she will actually be a four-star unit.

Because she is expected to be a four-star character, players will only be able to obtain her by wishing on banners that feature other characters. This means that the process of obtaining her might be quite difficult for most players and will generally be based simply on luck due to Genshin’s gacha system.

Where is Kirara from in Genshin Impact?

Kirara wielding the Dendro element might make players wonder whether she is from the Dendro region of Sumeru or if she hails from somewhere else. Leaks currently place her as an Inazuman character, but she may currently live there and have originated from elsewhere.

What does Kirara look like in Genshin Impact?

As the “catgirl” label suggests, Kirara has a very feline-themed appearance. She has blonde hair, a blue, black, white, and gold-themed ensemble, and a few cat accessories including ears, two tails, and paw feet. The general aesthetic of her outfit perfectly complements the style of clothing worn in Inazuma, and seems to back the leak that she is currently residing within the Electro region.

The only artwork that has been revealed for Kirara so far does feature her wearing a Geo Vision, but many members of the leak community have stated that this is because the design is quite old. She may have originally been meant to be a Geo character but was instead changed into a Dendro one.

When will Kirara release in Genshin Impact?

No release date or official reveal for Kirara has been shared by miHoYo thus far. This means that her debut is likely at least a few months away if not more.

However, some leaks have stated that she will release in Version 3.7, which is not as far off as players might expect.

If the current update schedule stays on track, players might be able to recruit Kirara sometime around the end of May 2023. Since she will likely be a four-star character, Kirara will debut as a character that has an increased drop rate on a five-star character’s banner.

In keeping with Genshin’s usual patterns, she will likely move into the standard pool of four-star characters once her featured debut run comes to an end. While obtaining four-star characters is more common than five-star characters, attempting to recruit any specific one from the massive pool of characters that are available is impossible and instead relies solely on luck. Thus, any player that is already interested in Kirara will want to start thinking about saving up their Primogems for the official launch of Version 3.7.