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Contexto is one of the nerdiest word games out there. The game tasks you with finding the word of the day by showing how close other words you guess are to it. This is measured by analyzing thousands of texts to find similarities between words.

How to play Contexto

You play Contexto by typing any word into the text box first–anything that comes to mind. When you submit your guess, it will appear under the text box with a number next to it and a bar that can be red, yellow, or green. The lower the number of the word you guessed is, the more it’s related to today’s Contexto solution. The higher it is, the worse your guess is.

That’s why if you make a good guess, shown by a low number and a green color bar, you should keep guessing similar words–for example, if “internet” is green, I would try “connection” or “computer.”

Conversely, if it’s a high number and red, try something totally different. Using the same example, if “internet” was red, I would try “dog” or “eyes.”

Contexto 605 hints (May 15)

The solution to the May 14 puzzle, Contexto 604, is related to animals. This was one of my better first guesses in some time: I opened with “animal” for a cool 43, but where to go from there?

A screenshot of a game of Contexto.
A great opening word! Screenshot by Dot Esports

I ended up finding success with “fish,” “shark,” “sea,” and “whale,” but nothing was getting me closer to the target. I switched from big ocean thinking to narrower, river-like animals. The size of the animal seemed to matter as well; “frog,” “tortoise,” “turtle,” and even “spider” eventually got me into the top 20.

A screenshot of a game of Contexto.
“Animal” didn’t narrow it down as much as I thought. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The big one was “snake,” clocking in at number two on the list. Given every other selection I had made thus far, it was obvious the answer to Contexto 605 was reptilian.

Contexto 605 answer (May 15)

Today’s solution to Contexto 605 is LIZARD. You can get close to this answer if you guess “snake,” “reptile,” “frog,” “iguana,” and “gecko.” There are plenty of reptiles out there but you’re looking for the common denominator in this case–I mean, how many lizard subtypes are there?

A screenshot of a game of Contexto.
Sssneaky. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Past Contexto answers

Here are the answers to recent Contexto puzzles. You can use the game settings to replay them if you want.

  • Contexto 604: TECHNOLOGY
  • Contexto 603: HEARTH
  • Contexto 602: MEAL
  • Contexto 601: ASTRONOMY
  • Contexto 600: LAMB
  • Contexto 599: DEPARTURE
  • Contexto 598: DATA
  • Contexto 597: AGREEMENT
  • Contexto 596: CONNECTION
  • Contexto 595: BREATH

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