Copilot, new Surface devices and Windows 11

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We’re gearing up for a huge week of Microsoft news! Ahead of the start of its Build developer conference on Tuesday, the company invited media to its Redmond offices today for a launch event. We expect Microsoft to introduce a new batch of Arm-powered Surface PCs to consumers, as well as how it plans to better integrate AI into those devices and into Windows and other products.

Can Microsoft finally escape the Windows curse on Arm devices? Follow our liveblog here from 1 p.m. ET discover! (Oddly enough, Microsoft isn’t live streaming this event, but we’ll post any news as it happens.)

Live2 updates

  • Either way, our lead reporter Devindra Hardawar is on the ground in Redmond and will bring you all the news as Microsoft announces it. There’s no live stream for this event, so I guess you’ll just have to stick around and read his words.

  • Hello everyone and welcome to our liveblog from this morning’s Microsoft event. We don’t know what to call it yet – it’s a day before the company’s Build developer conference. But we think there will be new things around Surface and AI. So for now, is it the Surface and AI event? As if this was the case for the company all year round?

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