Beatport Sets the Beat with a Techno-Focused NFT Marketplace

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Beatport Sets the Beat with a Techno-Focused NFT Marketplace

After much anticipation, Beatport — the celebrated electronic music platform respected by DJs as a first-choice resource for set music — has finally dropped its techno-focused NFT marketplace, ‘‘. 

Composing on Aventus, a profoundly flexible Polkadot network subchain, and jamming with the studio, Design Creative, introduces electronic elements into a medley of NFT art drops. These ‘Music+’ collectibles are cultural artifacts from numerous cherished artists, including Len Faki, Seth Troxler, Norman Nodge, and Gerd Janson. 

The platform functions akin to OpenSea and other marketplaces, whereby NFTs are easily acquirable, sellable and tradeable. However, a strong emphasis on electronica sets the platform apart. Tunes into the Electronic Scene

In harmony with Beatport’s initial debut, Berlin-based photographer Mischa Fanghaenel will unveil the first artifacts, ‘NACHTS’ — all of which feature 175 portraits that mirror Berlin’s thriving techno scene.

Each portrait synchronizes with AI music inspired by the city’s lockdown amidst the pandemic. Fanghaenel perceived the COVID-19 closure as a fantastic opportunity to pay homage to Berlin’s iconic club culture. This look back resulted in creating sound-reactive NFTs merging photography, music and video clips to celebrate famed electronic DJs.

Further picking up the tempo are the assets exploration of ticketing, proof of discovery and proof of attendance. Early adopters of these non-fungible collectibles will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure a freebie NFT called ‘Door’, a gateway into Berlin Art Week, taking place this September. More admission-related perks will take the stage further down the pipeline.

A riveting roster of projects leveraging live event access, music, video, and AI awaits all techno music buffs throughout the next 12 – 18 months. Electronic music is joining the world of NFTs like never before, and this Beatport NFT marketplace is charting the course.

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