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Kaveh is now coming to Genshin Impact after years of waiting for many fans, who are eager to add him to their roster starting May 2. Once they do, however, they’ll have to integrate him into their team composition.

The four-star Dendro character isn’t your average Claymore user. He wields the weapon in a unique way and switches it with his briefcase to unleash his abilities. He’ll be best used in team compositions that benefit the most from Dendro-related Elemental reactions since his abilities aim to detonate Dendro cores, which are generated by Bloom reaction (with Hydro).

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He also boasts strong sustain with healing scaling on his Elemental Mastery, which will make the stat an important component of Kaveh’s build for players who want to use him on the field. Conveniently, he should make a great duo with Baizhu, the upcoming five-star Dendro character who’ll release under the same banner as him on Patch 3.6’s second Phase.

A breakdown of Kaveh’s abilities

Despite his unique weapon animation, the simple and charged attacks of Kaveh using the Claymore will be much different from the other users of the weapon, with successive slashes performed when consuming Stamina. His passive is what sets him apart from most Dendro and Pyro users in Genshin: when he’s hit by burgeon explosions, instead of receiving damage like all other characters do, Kaveh is healed thanks to his passive. The amount of healing performed scales on his Elemental Mastery and can be triggered every 0.5 seconds.

His Elemental Skill is named Artistic Ingenuity. When unleashing it, Kaveh performs a scan all around him, dealing AoE Dendro damage. In addition, it bursts all Dendro cores generated in the area, which makes it strongest when the Bloom reaction has already been triggered by a Hydro and another Dendro character, for example.

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The architect’s Ultimate Skill is called Painted Dome. It bears a similar effect as his Elemental Skill, but in a larger range and applying an additional buff. It grants him more attack damage and converts them to full Dendro damage, which can be devastating combined with strong Elemental Mastery. In addition, Kaveh will gain interruption resistance and more Bloom damage. This ability makes the presence of a Hydro character essential in Kaveh’s team.

Another key element is that the character’s buffs will disappear if he leaves the field, which will make him almost useless when used as an off-field character. Now that Kaveh’s abilities are outlined, here are the best team compositions for Kaveh in Genshin.

Best teams for Kaveh in Genshin Impact

As stated above, Kaveh isn’t the most versatile Dendro character in the game. He can be, however, highly effective when paired with the right allies. For him to reach his full potential, players will want to add a Hydro character in the mix to get a maximum of Bloom reactions and generate Dendro cores which Kaveh will be able to destroy and heal from.

The other element is Dendro application. Kaveh isn’t the best at applying Dendro reactions, so pairing him with another character from his Element will help him get the most damage when he’s switched on the field. Here is a typical team composition that can be built around him, emphasizing what his allies will bring to the mix before suggesting specific characters to pair him with.

  • Kaveh’s kit encourages his use as a Main DPS, especially since his Elemental Burst is only fully effective with him remaining on the field.
  • Another Dendro applier can be paired with him to generate more Dendro cores. The character will be used as support since they won’t need to remain on the field, but will rather complement Kaveh’s strengths, but they can also be a sub-DPS.
  • A Hydro applier is essential as a third-party member. Similarly to the previous member, it can be a support as well as a sub-DPS.
  • The last party member is the most versatile one. You can pick a healer or a shield character, preferably from the Dendro or Hydro element. You can also pick an Anemo character. You won’t need any Pyro or Electro, however, due to Kaveh’s explosion abilities.

Go-to team: Kaveh, Nahida, Nilou, Kokomi

We predict that this team composition will be popular upon Kaveh’s release since those three allies are each considered the best options in their respective fields. Nahida is the best Dendro applier in the game, no questions asked, and can buff Kaveh’s Elemental Mastery, while Nilou is often the first choice for Bloom reactions. Kokomi, on the other side, will be chosen as the best Hydro healer.

This is an amazing team on paper, but it’s also expensive. You can replace Nahida with another Dendro applier, such as Collei, who is rewarded for free to players who enter the Sumeru region. Similarly, Nilou can be replaced by any Hydro sub-DPS that will cause enough Bloom reactions on the battlefield. It includes all sub-DPS traditionally used in Bloom teams, such as Mona and Kamisato Ayato.

Lastly, Kokomi can be replaced by Barbara, who is a Hydro healer given to players throughout their adventures in Mondstadt, making her one of the easiest characters to get in Genshin. Overall, the big change here compared to other Bloom/Hyperbloom teams in the game is that you won’t need any Pyro character, which means Bennett, the undisputed best Pyro healer, can stay off a Dendro team for once.

Alternative option: Kaveh, Nahida, Sucrose, Kokomi

You can build teams with other elements than Dendro or Hydro, as long as those two remain in the mix somewhere. You can take Sucrose or Kazuha, if you have him, instead of a Hydro sub-DPS as long as you’ve got a Hydro support, for example. Those two Anemo characters will bring strong crowd control, bringing enemies together within the range of Kaveh’s abilities while granting him a boost in Elemental Mastery. Again, Elemental Reactions and this stat are the two main strengths emphasized by the architect.

Brand-new characters: Kaveh, Baizhu, Nilou, Kokomi

If you want to bring Baizhu into a team with Kaveh, it’s entirely possible. Usually, the characters who’re featured in the same banners are meant to be played together. Baizhu is a Dendro support, which means he can complement Kaveh’s strengths very well.

He can replace Nahida as a Dendro applier. You might get fewer Dendro cores in small amounts of time, but you’ll get better healing and can entirely focus on Kaveh’s aggressive stats instead. As for the rest of the team, you can pick a Hydro sub-DPS and/or support, as well as an Anemo Elemental Mastery-booster as explained above.

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The four-star Dendro character is releasing in the second phase of Patch 6.3, alongside Baizhu and Ganyu’s banners on May 2.