Best Armarouge Tera Raid builds in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Pok?mon Scarlet and Violet has brought back the much loved Raid Battle, though with an additional mechanic dubbed Terrastalization. Occasionally, Nintendo will drop a limited time Tera Raid battle that comes with both a harder than usual challenge and better than average rewards. Cinderace is a recently added Tera Raid event that will run from Dec. 30 to Jan. 1 and again from Jan. 12 to Jan. 15.

Shiny Pok?mon are rare variations of the average models, differently colored than fellow members of their species. This December and January exclusive Tera Raid battle will be Cinderace’s debut in Pok?mon Scarlet and Violet, leaving many players wondering if they could catch a glimpse of Cinderace’s rarer form.

If you are hoping to add the rare Cinderace Shiny to your collection of Pok?mon in Pok?mon Scarlet and Violet, look no further.

Is there a Shiny Cinderace in Pok?mon Scarlet and Violet?

Players can encounter a Shiny Cinderace during the Cinderace Tera Raid battle. Unlike previous Pok?mon games, like Pok?mon Sword and Shield, there are no increased odds for Tera Raid battle Pok?mon to be Shiny. This was first confirmed in the first Tera Raid event that occurred on Nov. 25 featuring Eevee, and later seen again in the Charizard battle event, wherein neither Pok?mon had any increased Shiny odds compared to wild Pok?mon.

Being a seven-star Tera Raid battle, the Cinderace encounter is considered extremely difficult and only available to players who have completed Pok?mon Scarlet and Violet and also completed some additional end-game content as well. To know the best Pok?mon roster to bring into the fray, check out our guide on the boss battle.

Players can locate the boss battle after unlocking the ability to participate in six and seven star Tera Raid events by locating a blinking Fighting-type symbol on the map, or by using the Pok? Portal. Players can try their luck as many times as they need to hopefully encounter the Shiny variation of Cinderace.