WoW Dragonflight Twitch drops: How to get & redeem the Goblin Weather Machine

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A new event kicked off in Genshin Impact on Jan. 31 that will award a free skin for Lisa.

You won’t be able to get the skin right away, however. HoYoverse will make you work for it, giving you more rewards in the process. To get the skin, players have to complete challenges as they unlock.

These are exclusive Domains that work similarly to the Spiral Abyss. They feature three stages, which means players have to set up three different teams to counter the enemies and take advantage of the level’s bonus effects.

You might, however, realize it’s not easy to get enough points to be rewarded with a gold medal. Fortunately, you won’t have to make incredible scores to get the skin but you’ll miss Enhancement weapon rewards.

Here are some tips to get the best score in Lisa’s Second Blooming event per challenge, and earn the maximum rewards for each one.

How to get a gold medal in Lisa’s Second Blooming event in Genshin Impact

Before diving into the content of every challenge, don’t forget to equip skills to your teams and make use of trial characters. They’re an essential advantage to get a better score unless you’ve gotten tons of characters geared up.

In addition to that, take your best characters to link positions because their damage is increased by 30 percent.

Another essential tip is to raise the difficulty level if your characters are level 80 or more. If you let the levels set in easy difficulty, you will clear them in record time but won’t score many points.

How to raise Second Blooming challenges’ difficulty

Teleport to the challenge using the map. Enter the Domain and you’ll end up on the menu shown below. At the bottom of the window, you’ll see a Score Multiplayer option just left of the Start button.

Screengrab via HoYoverse

Tap on it and select a harder difficulty. It’s advised to set it up to maximum difficulty if you’re unsure, and then reduce it if you’re not able to clear enemies efficiently. If you select Hard mode, be careful, though: enemies will be all at level 90. Normal mode will spawn level 70 enemies.

My Name is Violet

Screengrab via HoYoverse
  • Defeat marked enemies first, as they’ll offer a bonus where shockwaves will be unleashed on other foes. You can spot the mark with a green circle at the feet of the enemy.
  • In the second round, all enemies will be dispersed in a circle around you. Take AoE or even Anemo CC to bring them closer. Using Nahida is also incredibly powerful since it will link them all thanks to her charged Elemental Skill.
  • To win the last round quickly, you only need Dendro and Cryo elemental reactions to clear Hydro enemies faster. Don’t bother with taking four different Elements there.
  • The Electro skill isn’t really useful here. It’s recommended to use all the other ones unless all your best characters are Electro and you have several of them in a round.

Museum of Innocence

Screengrab via HoYoverse
  • This round requires crowd control. Fortunately, Venti is a trial character, and taking her as the linked character for all three rounds will help you a lot.
  • Use her Elemental Burst when a shockwave has appeared on the ground. Aim at its center and all enemies will get hit by the shockwave.
  • Bring enemies to the center of the shockwaves that appear on the ground, and enemies will periodically get hit.
  • You can take two characters from the Pyro/Anemo/Cryo elements in two teams to benefit most of the two Elemental damage bonuses you’ll have to use when configuring skills.

One of a Thousand Nights

  • TBD: the challenge has yet to be released.


  • TBD: the challenge has yet to be released.

Street Spirit

  • TBD: the challenge has yet to be released.