Total War developer Creative Assembly opens new studio in UK

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Popular Twitch streamer and former CS:GO pro player Michael “shroud” Grzesiek introduced his latest project today, a video game created alongside Splash Damage and fellow creator Sacriel. Shortly after the announcement, shroud’s post was met with both excitement and praise from content creators across the board.

Given that the project has only recently been introduced to the public, relatively few details have been released regarding Project Astrid. Currently, all we know is that the game has been described as an open-world survival game that intends to be a massive, unique undertaking. Both shroud and Splash Damage’s prolific portfolio of work in esports and game design have already built hype among creators for this mysterious project.

Popular Twitch streamer Lirik praised the partnership between shroud, Sacriel, and Splash Damage, referring to the seasoned game studio as “legendary.” Splash Damage has designed multiplayer modes for immensely popular video games across decades, ranging from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars to Halo, Brink, and more.

Other prominent variety and shooter streamers on YouTube, like CouRage and Myth, similarly shared their excitement to see more from the already anticipated game. Though it’s unclear how long it will be until Project Astrid releases, we can almost be sure that the game will likely top Twitch and YouTube after its launch.

Similar to shroud, Dr Disrespect has used his immense platform and influence to kickstart his own game in Midnight Society. In response to Project Astrid’s announcement, the Two-Time posted a simple handshake emoji, likely to welcome shroud to the influencers-turned-developers club. These two are far from the only creators to take this route, though: Mizkif, Ludwig, and others have similarly entered the space.

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Development will undoubtedly be a long road for Project Astrid, despite the backing from two prominent streamers. Though fans will likely need patience to eventually see shroud’s game take the stage, streamers and fans alike are already hyped.