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Before Diablo 4’s eventual release on June 6, Blizzard’s beloved dungeon crawler will have two open beta weekends for players who have pre-purchased the game. Similar to almost all early access titles, Diablo 4 beta players have encountered plenty of issues both in the client and in-game.

One issue that players have routinely run into is an audio bug where characters, cinematics, and the narrator have no sound or voices. Given the high quality of Diablo 4’s cinematics and trailers, seeing these well-made scenes without any voice acting or sound can certainly dampen the experience.

If you have this issue, as many Diablo 4 early access players currently do, have no fear as the problem is widespread. This is what you can do if you have encountered this voice bug in Diablo 4.

Fixing the no voice bug in Diablo 4

At the start of the second beta weekend for Diablo 4, many players reported that they have no sound for either characters or cinematics. It appears that this issue is most prevalent for players who have their audio settings set to surround sound. If you are currently experiencing this audio bug, try setting your audio to either stereo or headset to potentially fix this issue.

Changing your audio settings is not a guaranteed fix, as some players who have changed their audio settings have still received no voice lines from cinematics or characters. If you still have this issue, you can always try to restart the Diablo 4 beta. Bear in mind that restarting Diablo 4 during its beta weekend or launch could send you back to the start of a very lengthy queue, easily stretching past a two-hour wait.

More than likely, players will simply need to wait until Blizzard identifies and fixes this audio issue. While it can be frustrating to play Diablo 4 with no voice acting or sound from characters, it will hopefully only be a temporary issue.