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The next big Genshin Impact update just arrived as Version 3.5 officially launched on March 1. But players are already eagerly looking to Teyvat’s future, which means that Version 3.6 has quite a few leaks going around even though it is still a few weeks away.

The Version 3.6 update will be yet another update centered on the Dendro region of Sumeru. After Version 3.6 releases, players can expect just a few more waves of Version 3.0 updates before miHoYo then transition into Version 4.0 for the Hydro region of Fontaine.

Image via miHoYo

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Leaks are so commonplace and frequent in the Genshin community that massive leaks for Fontaine, which is likely at least half a year away, have already occurred. Thus, it’s not too surprising that leaks for Version 3.6, which is just weeks away, have also started to appear.

Players’ time in Sumeru is slowly but surely coming to a close, which means that they will want to make the most of the updates that arrive for the Dendro region while they still can. Everything that has been unveiled thus far for the Version 3.6 Sumeru update of Genshin is as follows.

All Genshin Impact Version 3.6 leaks

The Genshin leaks community is known for being very accurate and reliable. But they always pertain to content that is not finalized, which means that players should be prepared for changes to occur. This article will be updated as new leaks emerge and as changes occur.

New characters in Genshin Impact Version 3.6

The very first Dendro character that players ever came into contact with was Baizhu, the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue and five-star Cryo Sword character Qiqi’s caretaker. Players have come into contact with Baizhu on numerous occasions, and he will finally make his playable debut in the Version 3.6 update.

This was previously just speculative, but miHoYo then officially confirmed his arrival by unveiling his splash art just ahead of the launch of Version 3.5. The developers always tease the characters arriving in the update after the next in this manner, so Baizhu will certainly be released in Version 3.6.

Nothing about Baizhu’s skillset or weapon type has been officially announced by miHoYo just yet, but it is strongly rumored that he will be a five-star character. Each new Genshin Version update brings another five-star character for players to recruit, and Baizhu will likely be the one in Version 3.6.

While Baizhu’s weapon is currently still technically unconfirmed by the developers themselves, speculation among the community based on his personality and looks has long placed him as a catalyst character and a support unit.

A massive collection of Baizhu leaks that have already marked him as a controversial character seem to back this as his animations and skillset do feature him wielding a catalyst and having a healing skillset. Considering that he runs a pharmacy, a healing character profile feels especially fitting, and it would have been rather disappointing and confusing if he had not ended up possessing healing capabilities.

Image via miHoYo

Baizhu also has a talking pet snake named Changsheng. This creature will also play a role in his skillset, as has been the case with other characters that have companions like Fischl with Oz or Xiangling with Guoba, although it might be a smaller and less obvious role.

Outside of Baizhu, the other new character arriving in Version 3.6, which is likely a four-star based on miHoYo’s usual patterns, has been the topic of some debate. But miHoYo seems to have put an official end to this debate with its official reveal of Kaveh.

Players may recognize Kaveh as a friend of Alhaitham, and he is suspected to be making his way into Teyvat as a playable four-star launching in Version 3.6. He will wield the Dendro element, but his skillset is otherwise currently unknown. Some leaks have suggested that he may be a claymore wielder and a strong support unit that pairs extremely well with Alhaitham which is fitting considering their close friendship.

While Kaveh’s arrival in Version 3.6 is now certain, a different leak also suggested another four-star would be arriving in this update. Though vague, this leak was from a very reputable member of the community with a great track record.

Some players have thought this leak might be inaccurate and a coded reference to Scaramouche reborn as the Wanderer in the Version 3.3 update, but this doesn’t really add up, which means that this information likely does hint at another unreleased character. It is rather unlikely that another new character on top of Baizhu and Kaveh will be released in Version 3.6, so this might instead be indicative of a future character that is arriving in a later update.

Leaks showcasing both Baizhu and Kaveh’s official gameplay have also been uncovered, which allows players a glimpse into how they will perform in battle. In this showcase, Baizhu is wielding a catalyst while Kaveh is equipped with a claymore which confirms that these are indeed the weapons that they wield.

Rerun banners for Genshin Impact Version 3.6

While most content uncovered by the Genshin leak community is extremely reliable, rerun banners are less predictable. Whatever the reason, players should be most wary of any potentially leaked rerun banners because they are likely to change several times before the Version update launches.

With this unpredictability in mind, the currently speculated rerun banners for Version 3.6 are:

  • The five-star Hydro Sword character Nilou
  • The five-star Dendro Catalyst character Nahida
  • The five-star Cryo Bow character Ganyu or the five-star Cryo Claymore character Eula
Image via miHoYo

This has changed around a lot already and still isn’t entirely certain. Up until miHoYo unveiled the five-star Cryo Sword character Kamisato Ayaka for the second half of Version 3.5, she was strongly believed to be arriving in Version 3.6.

Nahida’s rerun is the most certain out of the group with a Nilou rerun just behind it. But even though Eula is currently the character that is most due for a rerun banner, current leaks indicate that Ganyu might be receiving a rerun banner instead of her.

While the previously mentioned characters seem to be the ones receiving banner reruns in Version 3.6, a few other names the leak community has uncovered as lesser possibilities are:

  • The five-star Geo Sword character Albedo
  • The five-star Geo Polearm character Zhongli

Rerun banners are always unpredictable and one of the most reputable members of the leak community stated that so far, none of the rerun banners for 3.6 are solidified although Nahida is certainly the most likely.

As the release date for Version 3.6 draws closer, a more definitive outline of rerun banners may be shared. If not, miHoYo’s new pattern for discussing a Version update now includes all of the banners and characters that will be featured throughout it which means that players will at least find out somewhat ahead of time directly from the developers themselves.

Map expansion in Genshin Impact Version 3.6

Sumeru is expected to expand once again, probably for the last time, during the Version 3.6 update. The final section is believed to drop in this update, and the Sumeru part of Teyvat’s map will likely not expand any further after this point.

At first, the leak community had a speculative idea of the new map expansion:

The new Sumeru expansion arriving in this update was speculated to sit above the Desert of Hadramaveth region that arrived in the Version 3.4 update. Now that another massive leak has surfaced, this does indeed seem to be where the new area will sit.

This map expansion has fully leaked with all of the features that it will include, like the new Domain arriving in the Version 3.6 update called the “Molten Iron Fortress.”

A massive, magical-looking tree area has also been shared around the community and is believed to possibly be part of the Version 3.6 expansion.

New artifacts in Genshin Impact Version 3.6

Two new artifacts have been uncovered by the Genshin leak community for the Version 3.6 update. This backs up the final Sumeru map expansion, as new artifacts will arrive in a new Domain that must come with a new area.

At first, nothing was officially known about these artifacts, but another leak then surfaced, revealing exactly what each artifact set does.

The Nymph’s Dream artifact set seems to have been made to complement the five-star Hydro Bow character Tartaglia (Childe), while the Dewflower’s Glow may have been designed with the skillset of the five-star Pyro Claymore character Dehya in mind. Both sets will also work well for other Teyvat characters.

Although most players were originally excited at the prospect of two new sets, some changes later arrived to the set that players believe is meant for Dehya. These changes nerfed the overall set according to the many players that shared their opinions on Reddit, although most of them are not surprised as they feel that it matches miHoYo’s treatment of Dehya thus far.

New weapons in Genshin Impact Version 3.6

Perhaps solidifying the speculation that Bazihu will wield a catalyst, a Liyuean weapon was uncovered by the leak community. This weapon appears to be another member of the Primordial Jade weapon family, and it would suit him perfectly.

In addition to the general aesthetic complimenting Baizhu, this hailing from Liyue makes it almost certain the signature weapon was designed for him. The Dendro character runs a pharmacy in Liyue and lives there, so it would make sense that his weapon also comes from the area.

If this catalyst is meant for Baizhu, it will also be a five-star weapon to match his purported five-star skillset.

While Kaveh’s weapon type is still up in the air, most leaks have suggested that he will wield a claymore, so players can likely expect to see a new four-star claymore released in Version 3.6.

New events in Genshin Impact Version 3.6

The world of Teyvat has been constantly bustling with festivals lately from Liyue’s Lantern Rite festival to Mondstadt’s Windblume festival and yet another special celebration has been leaked for version 3.6. This festival will take place in Sumeru and seems to feature a wide cast of characters from the Dendro region of Teyvat including Wanderer (Scaramouche), Cyno, Alhaitham, Kaveh, Tighnari, Nilou, Layla, Faruzan, Candace, Dehya, and Dori.

Outside of the Sumeru cast of characters, the Pyro character Diluc from Mondstadt also appears on the map of the event. He is currently the only character that is not a Sumeru character, although Wanderer doesn’t hail from there either but is listed as a Sumeru character due to his storyline and rebirth nonetheless, which might mean that other characters from across Teyvat will also make an appearance.

The Sumeru festival is currently the only known event for the Version 3.6 update but there will likely be more events that are uncovered as its release draws closer.

New enemies in Genshin Impact Version 3.6

A new Weekly Boss for players to face is expected to arrive in the Version 3.6 update. This boss is a Dendro Dragon in Sumeru.

Early leaks for this foe suggest it will function similarly to the Rhodeia of Loch, also known as the Oceanid, found in Liyue. This creature is believed to possess a similar ability to summon minions that players will need to vanquish to defeat the boss itself.

Additionally, a series of smaller and more common enemies for players to face have also been uncovered for this update. These include:

  • An Anemo Hilichurl Ranger
  • A Hydro Hilichurl Ranger
  • Some kind of new foe that begins with the word “Abyss” and has four elements plus a shield
  • A Hydro Consecrated Beast
  • A Dendro Consecrated Beast
  • Apep, which is another name for the previously mentioned Dendro Dragon

The “Abyss” foe in question may refer to the previously leaked Abyssal Archdeacon. This foe seems to be a more intense version of the Abyss Mage and may be able to wield four different elements.

New Genius Invokation TCG cards in Genshin Impact Version 3.6

Three new character cards have been leaked and seem to be arriving in the Version 3.6 update. These cards are for the five-star Dendro Bow character Tighnari, the five-star Geo Claymore character Arataki Itto, and the five-star Hydro Sword character Kamisato Ayato.

Genshin Impact Version 3.6 livestream date

MiHoYo has not yet revealed when the Version 3.6 livestream will take place, but based on usual patterns, it is expected to occur either on or just a few days after March 31. The special livestream program will grant players an extensive look at everything that will be included in the Version 3.6 update including all banners, events, the map expansion, artifacts, and all other such new content.

Genshin Impact Version 3.6 release date

The release dates for Genshin updates are never fully set in stone until they are fairly close. But if everything stays on schedule, players can expect to see Version 3.6 launch around April 12, 2023.

The first half of the update should then run for about three weeks and come to an end around May 3. Phase two should begin then and run for about the same amount of time before Version 3.6 then comes to an end and is replaced by Version 3.7.