Modern Warfare 3’s camo locked behind a $60 Call of Duty shoulder bag may be the brightest ever

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Call of Duty is known for its elaborate camouflages (one of which literally depicts galaxies in motion), but playing with this latest skin might not be the brightest idea.

The Royalty Tiger Weapon Camo for Modern Warfare 3 is exclusive to the official Call of Duty Task Force 141 Sling Bag, sold in the Call of Duty Store for $60 (you’ll have to pay more to have it shipped, of course). This is what the bag looks like:

The bag comes with “free in-game content”: the Royalty Tiger weapon camo. Although the bag is now marked as sold out, players have started using the camo in-game and, well, it might be the brightest weapon camo ever seen in a Call of Duty game. Just look at this thing:

So what’s going on here? According to YouTuber LegoUnlocked, the Royalty Tiger weapon camo looks garish in multiplayer, but it has the added effect of glowing in zombies, where it burns so hot it makes your weapon look radioactive. Some cards glow, others don’t. It’s strange !

Image credit: LegoUnlocked / YouTube.
Image credit: LegoUnlocked / YouTube.

Call of Duty fans were quick to make jokes about this camouflage, with some calling it like playing with a flash bang, others saying it was pay to lose. It’s hard to imagine actually seeing what’s happening in the game with your weapon glowing like that, especially in Modern Warfare 3, which already has a visibility issue. Your opponents will have no trouble spotting you if you wear this camouflage. You’ll stand out like a sore thumb… glowing bright pink.

Here is an excerpt from the reaction:

I don’t understand why anyone would pay over $60 for a single weapon camo, but then again, we live in a world where Counter-Strike skins cost tens of thousands of dollars. Just make sure to wear sunglasses while playing.

Modern Warfare 3 had a rocky launch. After his single-player campaign was universally criticizedActivision was forced to remove various multiplayer maps from the game due to spawn points causing absolute carnage. After the game’s first weekend on sale, these cards are still not in rotation for certain modes.

Activision has also faced calls to create an “invisible” premium skin for the game. players have difficulty finding their way on certain multiplayer maps.

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