How to get Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron in Diablo 4 season 4

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Fabledom is a cute little city builder that has been getting a bit of attention lately. It seems like the perfect fit for on-the-go gameplay to pass the time during long trips and flights, so having something like Steam Deck compatibility would be a treat.

The Steam Deck is the perfect tool for playing games from your library on a handheld device. Most games nowadays try to incorporate a way to play PC games on the Steam Deck, as it has become a big selling point.

That said, Fabledom is not one of the many games officially verified to be used on a Steam Deck, so is it playable at all?

Can you play Fabledom on Steam Deck?

Yes, you can play Fabledom on the go on a Steam Deck, but it suffers a few framerate drops now and again and other issues that can make it unplayable.

As Fabledom is not verified to work with Steam Deck, it can sometimes have issues, such as some of the game’s functionality not working as intended or not being created in a way that works with the device.

Some players have also said the game is completely unplayable on Steam Deck in many ways, with some of its functions locked to keys on a keyboard you can’t have on a handheld gaming device like the Deck.

In short, yes, the game is in a playable state, but not fully playable as one would hope. So, if you want to enjoy the game, you might want to stick with PC.