Guild of Guardians ‘Age of the Dread’ Gears Up Tomorrow—$1M Prizes

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guild of guardians age of the dread

The highly anticipated mobile RPG Guild of Guardians is debuting the ‘Age of the Dread’ tomorrow, with a staggering $1 million prize pool.

Published by Immutable and co-created by Mineloader, the blockchain game—similar to Dungeons and Dragons—will be playable on Google Play and the Apple App Store until June 9. 

During this time frame, players are encouraged to join and compete for exclusive rewards such as Founder NFTs, the game’s native token $GOG, and Ascendant Seals (necessary to upgrade players (Guardians) to Radiant status). 

The prize pool is gearing up to grow alongside each new player. The Endless Leaderboard Challenge will offer 70% of the prizes, while The Arena and Boss Rush Challenges are set to contribute 30%. 

guild of guardians age of the dread
Source: X (Guild of Guardians)

Coveted In-Game Prizes Explained

Participation in the leaderboard challenges is entirely free for all players. For those seeking an extra edge, additional runs can be purchased to increase point earnings. 

Prizes are awarded based on players’ performance. They must earn points to climb the leaderboard ranks to increase their chances of winning these coveted rewards:

  • Ascension Seals Distribution:
    • Initially awarded during the first two weeks post-launch
    • Available for purchase afterward via in-app transactions or with $GOG Tokens.
  • Founder NFTs:
    • Exclusive digital collectibles for game founders and top leaderboard performers
    • Obtainable through significant milestones or high leaderboard rankings.
  • Promotion of Founder NFTs:
    • Additional NFTs minted as leaderboard prizes to encourage game growth
    • These exclusive items will never be sold; they are only distributed through giveaways and promotions.

As Age of the Dread unfolds, players will have the opportunity to claim their place among the gaming elite. Get ready to become a legend in the Guild of Guardians world.

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