Alan Wake 2: How to solve the Ranger Station nursery rhyme in Bunker Woods

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When you think there are only so many ways to be evil in Baldur’s Gate 3, players always come up with something new. This time around, it involves merciless companion killing and underwear.

A BG3 player on Reddit named JunkyardEmperor devised a new form of evil playthrough that they shared on Nov. 19. In this playthrough they “recruit good characters like Wyll and Karlach just to confiscate their underwear, then kill them when the opportunity presents itself,” which can only be described by their own words as “peak BG3 experience.”

The reason OP recruits characters instead of just murdering them is surprisingly simple–you can’t take underwear from a permanently killed companion. You can keep them alive, but that wouldn’t be very evil, would it?

Why they decided to target underwear in the first place still remains a mystery.

The community immediately started a fiery discussion about different characters and whose underwear is the best. From humans to Githyanki and Elves, there’s everything. Some players, instead of finding out the answer via a discussion, just hired hirelings and then compared their underwear themselves.

One player wrote they “swap everyone’s underwear to create a more connected team. I think it strengthens their bonds.” All I can say is the only bond that needs strengthening here is between you and the grass outside, and I’m not the only one who thinks that way, as another player wrote: “Maybe you should consider doing others things then playing BG3 sometimes.”

But that’s BG3 for you; the game wants you to play however you like regardless of how weird it is, and a recently discovered and pretty horrific alternate Dark Urge ending (read at your own risk) that was eventually cut from the game only confirms the approach Larian Studios had for the game.